What rights are included with the group publicity model for the FGA

A: The FGA has the ability to enact NFL licensing and sponsorship deals utilizing group publicity rights of PFRPA members, by which NFL sponsors will be able to leverage NFL Films game footage featuring 6 or more class members for commercial/activation purposes, and NFL licensees will be able to leverage player identity elements (name, number, likeness, autograph, etc.) of at least 50 class members for consumer product purposes. The FGA will be responsible for ideating campaigns that leverage key NFL anniversaries and marketing initiatives, product approvals, contracting, collecting royalty reports and managing licensees, sponsors and key constituents to drive the power of the group rights model. In aggregate, this collective model will generate more revenue and service opportunities for retired NFL players than ever before. We believe there is strength in numbers and representation through FGA provides the most effective way of leveraging those rights.