Amazon Web Services

The FGA partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to license/clear NFL Films Footage from former NFL Players to be featured in a campaign demonstrating how Amazon goes deeper into the stats/analytics of the game as the official stats provider for the NFL. This digital content campaign allows the NFL to leverage AWS’ capabilities and services that enable fans, coaches, and broadcasters to experience sports through an entirely new perspective. If you look at an NFL score sheet from 1920, the stats that are recorded are fairly limited: who scored a touchdown, how many passes were thrown and what the weather looked like. But a century later, the NFL has become as much about sports as it is about sports stats. Leveraging data from a network of unseen transmitters and receivers—microchips in shoulder pads, tracking devices in the ball and antennae in the stadium—AWS cloud technology is changing the way we watch, and play, America’s favorite game. As the NFL celebrated their 100th anniversary, the FGA partned with AWS on a content campaign utilizing marquee NFL films footage over the years to show how the game and technology have vastly grown over the last 100 years.